Fully Loaded


CELEBRATE the spooky season this October with our UNMISSABLE FULLY LOADED outdoor amusement park deal, now HALF-PRICE when you buy online!

With the outdoor amusement park FULLY LOADED deal, you can enjoy UNLIMITED rides in our outdoor amusement park in addition to a round of golf on our Pirate Island outdoor adventure golf course. 

Make the day your own by choosing between a race on the go-karts, admission to Smugglers Cove soft play or a mission of our Battle Royale laser tag. 

Finish off with your choice of a BIG MANNYS’ margherita pizza or a serving of mac ‘n’ cheese!

>There are a limited number of time slots for booking your wristbands online.

>On arrival, purchase (or collect, if you have already booked online) your products from one of our self-service terminals as you enter the main door.

>If you are collecting wristbands you have already booked online, either scan the barcode provided in your confirmation email or type in the OTP number when asked at the terminal. 

>You will then be issued with a Fun Card to take to the adjacent desk, where it will be used to redeem your Fully Loaded wristbands.

>Our outdoor rides are open from 12pm. If you book in for the time slots before 12pm, you can use your wristbands in our Outdoor Golf, Smugglers Cove and go karts from 10am, plus bumper boats and laser tag from 11am, before the park opens*.

Our Single Wristbands are only £13.50pp when bought online (at least one day in advance), to celebrate October in spooktacular style! Wristbands are £26.99 when bought at the gate. Our Tiny Tots Wristbands are £15.99 online and at the gate.

You will be allocated the next available  dining time slot on arrival.

Please read over our height restrictions guide before booking your wristbands. Click here and scroll down for full guide.

 *your Fully Loaded outdoor amusement park wristband entitles you to one round of outdoor golf, EITHER Smugglers Cove entry, OR one race of Go Karts, OR one mission of laser tag.

See the attachment to the right for detailed instructions which you must read before approaching the desk to redeem your wristbands. 

The Amusement Park is open daily during the Aberdeen city school October holidays from 12pm-5pm and 12pm-5pm all Saturdays and Sundays.


Is the building fully accessible?

Yes! Ramped slopes are located from the arcade to the bar to which access to the bowling can be gained. A lift is available to access the diner to the right of the staircase, round the side of the indoor golf course. 

Can adults share a Fully Loaded wristband to accompany their child/children on rides?

No, wristbands are per person, however a fun card can be shared between multiple people. 

Do credits on a Funcard expire?

No, your Funcard can be kept and used another day.


Is the dino safari included in the Fully Loaded deal? 

No, this can be paid for separately with the purchase of a fun card for £3pp.

Are the dodgems included in the Fully Loaded deal?

Yes! From 12pm onwards. 

What rides do I need to accompany my child on with the Tiny Tots wristband?

A single kart pass is included on the bands. If the adult has a band, two single kart credits can be used to go as a double kart. If the adult does not have a band, they can purchase a single kart to go on with them. They should still join the double kart queue.  

Can my child drive a double kart?

The driver of a double kart MUST be at least 18 as they are responsible for a passenger. 

The karts are shut due to weather, will they reopen?

This is entirely weather dependant – the karts will only reopen if there has been no rain for thirty minutes. 

I really wanted to choose the go karts as my activity on the Fully Loaded deal, but they were shut due to rain. Can I still use my wristband another day for a race on them?

Absolutely. As long as the barcode on your Fully Loaded wristband remains intact and you do not use it to access either Smugglers Cove or Laser Tag, you will be able to use your wristband to access the go karts for one race. This will be valid for a year from the day of your wristband purchase.

How long do the go karts last?

That depends on how fast you drive! One race = five laps of our three-level track. It takes roughly 5-8 minutes usually. 


What time does the takeaway mac ‘n’ cheese bar shut?

The servery shuts at 5pm. 

Do you have gluten-free and/or lactose-free options?

Yes, you can request to have a gluten free and/or vegan/lactose-free pizza when you dine with us. 

Can we dine in Smugglers Cove?

Yes, as long as your whole party chooses smugglers as their activity.

Not all of our party has wristbands, can we all dine together upstairs? 

Upstairs seating is reserved exclusively for our guests with wristbands. Alternatively, if you do not have a wristband, you can enjoy a meal at our Lucky Strike bar. 


Do adults need to pay to enter?

No, just children playing in smugglers need to pay/scan their bands. Adults accompanying children can use the activity on their band for another activity. 

Can we enter, exit and then later return to Smugglers Cove on the same visit?

The pass on the wristband enables one entry to Smugglers Cove. There is no time limit on the amount of time you spend in Smugglers Cove, but once you exit you will not be able to re-enter without paying for your child’s admission. 


How do I book laser tag?

Head over to the desk by the end of the bowling lanes and ask a member of staff there to organise a time slot for your laser tag mission. 

How long is a mission?

Roughly five minutes long.