Smugglers Tree Huts

Our massive 10,000 ft2 area is filled with many interactive frames, chutes and musical instruments, but the main feature is our 3 huge interactive trees that kids can explore! These ‘fantastical’ structures not only have 2 tree huts, and many levels for the kids to explore but they will have interlinking rope bridges which will let them and their imagination run wild!!

Please note - in the event of rain or severe weather, access to the Tree Huts will be closed for health and safety reasons.

This ride is free with these wristbands:

All Day Outdoor Family Wristband - FREE BOWLING! All Day Outdoor Single Wristband - FREE BOWLING! Tiny Tots All Day Wristband The Ultimate Outdoor Family Wristband - FREE BOWLING! The Ultimate Outdoor Tiny Tots Wristband The Ultimate Indoor Family Wristband The Ultimate Indoor Tiny Tots Wristband